Past Events

Name Location Date Weight Class(es) Format Results
Seattle Bot Battles 2003 Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA 04-12-2003 1lb,3lb,12lb 1lb and 12lbs Double Elimination, 3lb Round Robin
RustyCon 2003 RustyCon convention, Bellvue WA 01-12-2003 1lb Double Eimination
RoboMaxx 2002 RoboMaxx Robot Expo, Medford OR 10-12-2002 1lb Round Robin
daVinci Days 2002 da Vinci Days Festival, Corvallis OR 07-21-2002 1lb Double Eimination
Gasworks 2002 GasWorks Park, Seattle WA 04-14-2002 1lb Double Eimination

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