What is Western Allied Robotics?

Started in 2002, Western Allied Robotics (WAR) is a loose knit organization of Pacific Northwest combat robot enthusiasts.  Three to four events are held each year in the Northwest Region of the US.




How do I join?

That’s easy.   Just check out our "Upcoming Events" section and attend one of our events.  Even if you don’t have a robot yet, feel free to come to one of our events and enjoy the show.  We don’t have membership dues or any other obligations other than what our members choose to volunteer.   If you do volunteer, you’ll find you have a whole bunch of new best friends!


What sort of robots?

WAR is oriented towards radio controlled combat robotics, similar to what you may have seen on TV shows such as Battlebots and Robot Wars.  In fact, a number of WAR members have competed on those programs. WAR currently supports 1lb (antweight), 3lb. (Beetleweight), 12lb (Hobbyweight), and 30lb Sportsman classes. Ants and Beetles are far cheaper and safer than their TV cousins who typically weigh in the hundreds of pounds.  The 12 and 30 lb. classes are the fastest growing classes of combat robotics as they capture the excitement of the larger robots at a fraction of the cost.



Where are these events held?

Most of our events are held in or around Seattle because that is where most of our builders are. But we have held events as far south as Grants Pass, OR. Our very first event was held at Gasworks Park in Seattle, way back in April 2002.   We have events at local hobby shows and frequently at the Seattle Center. No matter the event’s type or location, if you’ve built a robot suitable for the competition you’re welcome to join us.



Are you folks crazy?

Probably.  Even so, we take safety very seriously.  Even the smallest of these robots can be dangerous.  Check out the Rules section of the site to see what sort of regulations we have in place to make sure our events are both safe and fair.  While running an event, there are a number of procedures that we follow to make sure that everyone, builders, officials, and audience members, are kept out of harms way.  WAR has never had a robot related accident at one of our events that required more attention than a band-aid.



How do I contact WAR?

The two best ways are the WAR Delphi Forum (it’s free to join) and our mailing list.  Both are read regularly by most of the members.  If you have a specific questions about WAR that’s not covered here but aren’t ready to join anything yet, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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